This is a preliminary program. Changes are still possible.

Tuesday, March 23rd - 1:00pm to 3:30pm (CET)
Session 1 Accident research general    
1 Harmonized Scenarios for the Evaluation of Active Safety Systems based on In-Depth-Accident Data: An update for US databases Alva Wagner, Feifel, Skvarce
2 Causes of accidents for different groups of road users Jänsch Johannsen
3 A method to harmonize accident databases between different countries Chanove Erbsmehl, Landgraf, Urban, Schreiber, Mallada
4 Total collection of fatal accidents in the Region of Hannover Johannsen  
Session 2 Data analysis methods and results    
1 The role of Hydroplaning in wet road accidents – a case-by-case analysis based on a physical hydroplaning model Biesse  
2 Dynamics of Motorcycle Crashes – Results of a Global Survey Winkelbauer  
3 Tuning and PTW accidents Spitzer  
4 The use of electronic traces in vehicles for road accident research Liers Hamelow
5 Does a 3D zebra crossing improve pedestrian safety? Temmerman De Ceunynck, Schreurs
6 Conflicts between turning vehicles and cyclists using the bicycle path Platho  
Wednesday, March 24th - 1:00pm to 3:30pm (CET)
Session 3 Electrical supported mobility systems    
1 E-scooter: a medical and technical analysis of a new modern vehicle Decker  
2 Differences in crash characteristics and injury outcome between riders of pedelecs and riders of conventional bicycles Jänsch Johannsen
3 E-mobility of children Spitzer  
4 Driving and braking e-Scooters and e-Bikes with and without ABS – Some Practical Experiments Blass Mayer, Winkelbauer
5 Pedelecs and health: Accidents and critical traffic situations Boeck  
Session 4 Injuries    
1 How modern trauma management benefits from accident research units Decker  
2 Analysis of the influence and effectiveness of Vehicle Safety Systems in car accidents on the incidence and severity of pelvic and injuries Pape Liers, Schaser, Pyrc, Hannawald, Bula, Kleber
3 Long-term-consequences of road traffic accidents Johannsen