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ESAR 2018 1st day, Thursday 19.04.2018
  Welcome Session   start time duration
  Welcome Johannsen/Krettek 09:00 00:15
  Key Note: SAFE ROADS in India and China Feese, J. 09:15 00:30
  BREAK   09:45 00:20
Session 1 Future Data Collection Methods Chair: Heiko Johannsen  
1 Use of electronic data and EDR in accident research Hamelow, D. 10:05 00:20
2 Using event data recorders and data matching to understand crashes: A pilot study Doecke, S. 10:25 00:20
3 Linking Event Data Recorder With Electronic Health Records – An Option Towards The Zero Vision? Deserno, T. 10:45 00:20
4 Methods and Tool Towards Accurate Accident Measurements Taken From Aerial Images Dias, J. 11:05 00:20
5 Accident investigation in 3 - dimensional format, a prospective view of future trends in accident investigation and analysis Uhlenhof, U. 11:25 00:20
  LUNCH   11:45 01:00
Session 2 Accident Causation Chair: Heiko Johannsen  
1 Young driver crashes in Austria: Analysis of causes and contributing factors based on in-depth and police-reported crash data Winkelbauer, M. 12:45 00:20
2 The Relationship between the severity of injury after vehicle accidents and the sight of effect by sunlight Chen, L.-H. 13:05 00:20
3 Motorcycle accidents Jänsch, M. 13:25 00:20
4 Traffic accidents in road work zones Temmerman, P. 13:45 00:20
  BREAK   14:05 00:20
Session 3 Accident Reconstruction and Observational Studies Chair: Christian Erbsmehl  
1 Combining data mining techniques to investigate crash severity in urban motorways Theofilatos, A. 14:25 00:20
2 Development of a methodology for computation and interpolation of EES values for several deformation patterns by using standardised crashtest data Unger, T. 14:45 00:20
3 Powered Two Wheelers Road Accidents: Identification of Risk Factors and development of computational models for scientific reconstruction Santos, K. 15:05 00:20
4 Driver movements, behaviours and reactions examination in real pre-crash conditions by on-vehicle video-camera recordings Zuppichini, F. 15:25 00:20
5 Crash Rate Estimation by Aerial Image Analysis Kornfeld, N. 15:45 00:20
  END OF 1ST DAY   16:05  
Bus departure for evening event 17:30
ESAR 2018 2nd day, Friday 20.04.2018
Session 1 Underreporting and International Experience Chair: Christian Müller  
1 Underreporting of VRU Injuries Winkelbauer, M. 08:30 00:20
2 Comparison of the injury severity between In-depth data and national statistics Liers, H. 08:50 00:20
3 Underreported accidents on Indian highways Mönnich, J. 09:10 00:20
4 Underreporting of Bicycle Accidents Johannsen, H. 09:30 00:20
5 Challenges for Emerging Countries to join iGLAD - International Harmonized In-Depth Accident Data Longton, A. 09:50 00:20
6 Characteristics and Injury Severity of Road Traffic Crash in The Gambia Sulayman, C. 10:10 00:20
  BREAK   10:30 00:20
Session 2 Crash Avoidance Chair: Henrik Liers  
1 Accident Scenarios and Use Cases of Car-to-Car Intersection Accidents in Europe Müller, M. 10:50 00:20
2 Limitations and challenges of avoiding HGV-VRU accidents through advanced driver assistance systems Kolk, H. 11:10 00:20
3 Active safety effectiveness assessment by combination of traffic flow simulation and crash-simulation Kolk, H. 11:30 00:20
4 Creation of Pre-Crash Time Series Database for Evaluation of Active Safety Systems using RASSI data Shaikh, J. 11:50 00:20
  LUNCH   12:10 01:00
Session 3 Benefit Assessment Chair: Martin Winkelbauer  
1 Comparison of expected benefits of vehicle primary safety systems on road casualties Bertholon, N. 13:10 00:20
2 Retrospective and Prospective Analysis of the Effectiveness of Driver Assistance Systems with Increasing Degree of Automation Gwehenberger, J. 13:30 00:20
3 Harmonized Scenarios for the Evaluation of Active Safety Systems based on In-Depth-Accident Data Feifel, H. 13:50 00:20
4 KAUSAL - a virtual tool chain to estimate the impact of automated driving on occupant restraint systems Schmidt, D. 14:10 00:20
5 Effectiveness assessment of a gerneric collision mitigation systems for motorcycles at junctions Kolk, H. 14:30 00:20
6 Assessing the Injury Risk of car occupants on rearward facing seats - an analysis of Gidas Cases Zellmer, H. 14:50 00:20
  BREAK   15:10 00:20
Session 4 Injuries Chair: Michael Jänsch  
1 Seat belt usage in Germany - what are the real numbers and how do they translate into injury severity Müller, C.W. 15:30 00:20
2 Correlation between initial GCS in the ER and the severity of the traumatic brain injury and factors affecting the severity of the traumatic brain injury in motor vehicle occupant accidents Youk, H. 15:50 00:20
3 Safety Cube results on Injuries Johannsen, H. 16:10 00:20