About ESAR

The 9th International Expert Symposium on Accident Research (ESAR) from April 2020 was postponed due the current pandemic. The conference will now take place on March 23th and 24th 2021 as a live online conference with additional on demand content.


ESAR is a scientific colloquium and can be seen as a platform to exchange information on accident research approaches and results. Representatives from authorities as well as from medical and technical institutions are invited to discuss new research methods, results and experiences on accident prevention and accident reconstruction.

ESAR’s goal is to give the opportunity to present studies on Accident Investigation Methodologies, Accident Analysis, Active and Passive Safety, Injury mechanisms and Injury Prevention to an expert audience.


No personal meetings will be possible due to the pandemic situation. In order to organize the on-line Conference in an efficient manner it will be split into an on-demand part (the speakers will make their presentations accessible as a video that can be watched on demand) and a combined online-discussion on the contributions for each session of the conference.

The ESAR Conference proceedings will be published either as extended abstract or as peer-reviewed paper depending on the preference of the authors of the contributions.


Scientific Committee

Heiko Bürkle, Daimler, Germany

Michael Düring, Volkswagen AG, Germany

Heiko Johannsen (Conference Chair), MH Hannover, Germany

Christian Krettek, MH Hannover Germany

Dietmar Otte, biomed-tec, Germany

Koshiro Ono, Japan

Henrik Liers, VUFO, Germany

Elvir Vukovic, Ford, Germany

André Seeck, BASt, Germany

Pete Thomas, Loughborough University, UK

Martin Winkelbauer, Kuratorium für Verkehrssicherheit, Austria